David is certified on the SAFe 4.x framework.

David has deep experience launching, conducting and fine tuning 23 Agile Release Trains.

Six of those trains predated the SAFe v1.0 publishing in 2012, leveraging fully the concepts of Lean system optimization and economic decision-making, relying on Value System boundary management, Product Flow, and Continuous Delivery.   The average ART had 8 teams with approximately 160 people in total (including Portfolio, Program, System Team and downstream implementation functions).

David’s career began in Lean Manufacturing, where he served as a part of Transformation teams to optimize large operation teams across entire Value Chains.

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Here’s a breakdown of experience by Industry and timing:

When Industry Train Count Context Sector
2006-2008 Education 2 Hosted Web & Business Intelligence (Data Warehousing) Government / Private VC
2008-2012 Insurance 4 CRM, Enterprise Service Bus, Data Services, Credit Mgmt Services, Hosted Web Policy Mgmt (Mainframe Retirement) Commercial
2012-2013 Financial Services 2 Hosted Web (Property Valuation, Taxation and Collection; Government) converting to SaaS orientation Government
2014 Technology Infrastructure 1 Cloud-based service management & Enterprise Resource Planning (help desk system cutover) in a SaaS orientation Commercial
2014 Human Capital Mgmt 2 Human Resource Mgmt systems in a SaaS orientation Private / Commercial
2015 Financial Services 2 Enterprise Data Warehouse: Enterprise Service Bus establishment for mortgage securitization; Enterprise Analytics Government
2015 Financial Services 3 Banking, Marketing Operations.  Establishing Portfolio and Program Kanban with existing Technology ARTs. Commercial
2016 Financial Services 2 Banking: Merging Business functions with Technology towards holistic delivery (Mortgage, Credit Cards, Auto Lending) Commercial
2016 Financial Services 2 Banking: Financial Services Automation (B2B, B2C, C2C integration).  Two different ValueStreams. Commercial
2017 Insurance & Financial Services 3 Life Insurance & Investing: Distribution Strategy and Field Support ValueStreams.  Including Enterprise Corporate Strategy connectivity, Portfolio Funding and Governance. Commercial