The Challenge 

I am bored, working out alone.  I decided to join a gym.  Congrats!

Joining a gym can be exciting.   So many options – hard to imagine getting bored there.   So many people – easy to stay motivated!

I’m feeling anxiety about getting started though.

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  • Complicated equipment.
  • Some people hog the equipment you need
  • Some people may want to socialize excessively.
  • Too many obstacles and distractions?

Fast forward a few days/weeks…
What happened to my time?   I wander around the gym, trying to figure out these contraptions.   I just don’t feel productive anymore.

I wonder if I made the right decision to get a membership?

Fast forward a few more days/weeks…
I’m back to working out on my own.    I’m feeling annoyed that I’ve made the gym membership investment.   Maybe I’ll quite the gym and “eat” the initiation and annual fee.

The Need

Help me get started and stay focused!

I have a workout routine that I like, but I struggle to figure out how it fits with all of this new equipment.

OR –

I can see what equipment I need to use, but it always seems to be occupied!

Is there a way to organize my workout, so that it flows smoothly?

I want a great workout, in the shortest amount of time!!

A Solution

We can help you get oriented to your gym’s surroundings.

We will teach you about the equipment and match it to an exercise program.

We will use your existing program if you have one.

If you do NOT have a formal exercise program, we are glad to help you develop an entire workout program.






Next Steps

  1. Complimentary Orientation call.
    • What is covered:
      • Needs confirmation – we will confirm your actual scenario and offer you clear suggestion(s) to meet your personal needs.
      • Logistics review – we will determine whether we can meet you at your gym, or we may invite you to either our personal gym, or the closest Planet Fitness location. (We hold a Black Card membership).
    • Format:
      • Voice call
      • OR- Skype call (preferred; more personal and effective).
    • Let’s do this.
      • Request the orientation call.   Contact me here or reach out via Chat (if I’m online; see below).
  2. Schedule in-person appointment to solve your challenge
    • Visit our calendar our typical availability on a weekly and monthly basis. (insert link to Calendaring solution)





Having doubts?  

  1. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  2. Reach us via CHAT (see our chat feature below)