Consider for a moment, the amount of energy, talent and support that went into manufacturing, marketing and distributing the supplies and clothing that allow you to get ready for work each day.

Personal Reality Check…

  • Did YOU do that alone?
  • How many thousands of individuals supported you in your otherwise mundane daily endeavor?
  • Do you feel a new sense of accountability to them for helping you get ready each day?
  • Do you feel a new sense of accountability to the people who your own products and services support each day?

I truly hope so.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss this example as trivial or irrelevant.   Is a Politician’s daily effort more crucial than a Toothpaste manufacturer?   How would he/she make an appearance on TV [yet again], without that tailored suit?

Don’t judge what we do and the value of that to us personally – our Perception is rather biased and disconnected from shared reality.   Please, do challenge yourself about how conscious [appreciative] we are about our reliance on each other, for ALL activities in Life.

My goal is to work with you and your organization to remember and renew such shared accountability.


So how do we realize accountability, TO others and FROM others?

Please share your own perspective below.