Happiness. (A Peaceful Mind and Body)

To be Happy, we must be able to Accept life as it is (right NOW). To truly Accept life, we must BE and Remain, absolutely Present in EACH inevitable moment.

The Body is the best Metric known to mankind. The Body is trying to remind us through our 5 senses, how Present and Aware we are [not]. The Body uses Pain and Pleasure to reclaim our Conscious Attention.

Subtle cues are missed over time, and become [obvious] surprises.

Listen to the Body – It knows what life needs. So Why don’t we listen?

A distracted, overly used Mind prevents us from noticing, learning and adapting to all that [physical] Life is trying to teach us.

Living life primarily through the Mind, is imaginary. Whether your dreaming state is pleasant or a nightmare, you can choose to re join THE singular shared reality.

We have taken a human, physical form, to EXPRESS our Connection with other loving souls. By retraining (reminding) our Mind to read Life as an InterConnected existence, and properly interpreting feelings and events THROUGH the Body, we achieve Presence and Acceptance in that physical, shared reality.

When we feel and believe we are alone, we become pure misery. When we are able to remember our universal Connection to every aspect of Life, we are overwhelmed by Love and Happiness, through undeniable Connection to every expression of Life.

Happiness is realized by fully experiencing a shared, connected existence with ALL Life.
Misery is imagined within the individual’s Mind, creating a false sense of separation and isolation from Life.

We know we are not alone, from a young age.  Life experiences reinforce this knowledge, or condition us to forget. Why must we forget?

The return to remembering our connection, is a life-long journey full of lessons to spark self inquiry, compelling us to determine the true cause of Happiness and Misery. To be able to discern anything in life, there MUST be opposites to help us detect and choose what we act upon and experience. What we experience, we truly Know. Once we Know, we dispel Beliefs handed to us, that no longer match what we know.

  • Happiness is Remembered (known) through Connection.
  • Misery is Imagined through Separation.
  • Together, we KNOW what Life is.
  • Individually, we primarily Imagine.


Do you feel fully Connected with Life?

If not, I am honored to help you figure out why and to help you remember how to Connect.

Remembering Our Connection - Seminar