Fear and ‘self’ protection is the basis of all pain and breakdown in Life, and yet, serves as the motivation for Life’s goal – to experience Love through reunion.

David Harmony

SELF-doubt Recovery Artist, Harmony Consulting

Life begins with Thought, seeks Action and then Reflects on those actions taken.   Life’s goal is to Feel life – to feel Alive.   Life is seeking to Experience Love, whereby [artificially] separate interests eventually realize that there really is a common bond, and they suddenly shift into a mode of cooperating with each other.   What was [intentionally] missing is now found.

Life is “lived well” when its goal was met in each exchange of Thought->Action->Reflection.   Did we share and experience with accurate perception and interpretation?   Did we reflect together and seek to understand the experience through the other person’s senses?  Were we completely vulnerable and willing to put US before self interests?  Was the resulting feeling Love or Fear?   Were the symptoms blissful or painful?

Contrast makes it possible to feel.   Without timely reflection, the contrast can expand into unnecessary conflict, which becomes a more intense polarizing Pain.   Fear is the polar opposite Feeling of Love.   Fear’s symptoms are all the well known variations of Pain.   Anxiety, Anger, Selfishness, Doubt, Envy, Aggression, Greed, Pride, Regret, Ambivalence, Apathy, Boredom, Loneliness, Depression, Withdrawal, etc.

Occasional conflict and resulting Pain, enables reunion and Love – the original goal.    When pain is tolerated and allowed to persist for too long, Fear sets in – Fear that pain will never cease, which perpetuates the root cause of the Fear, which is a sense of “I am separate and alone, in this scary, unsupportive reality”.   Our reaction is to flea the assumed cause of pain and abandon US, which perpetuates, intensifies and broadens the reach of the Pain Cycle to more people.

Our collective Fear has invented plenty of solutions that attempt to appease the Painful symptoms with drugs and placebos (sugar pill, counseling, self-help retreats, culture change frameworks, social law, political structure, on and on).    Now it is time to go after the root issue …

We must ask “am I truly Separate from Creator, placed IN [an unsupportive environment called] Creation?”.   “Do I actually buy into that premise?”  “Is the resulting Fear relevant and useful?”

If we still answer “yes”, then “do I accept, welcome and enjoy the resulting Pain from the Fear that I try to deny daily?”

What we experience is real, but only for our self, personally.   Our Mind is interpreting each experience, often with distorted or no-longer-relevant filters from the past or worries of an imagined tomorrow.   Our Mind places us into a perpetual cycle of Fear, which ensures that we experience the feel of Separation and resulting Pain.   Unfortunately, our perception of reality can distort and hurt the shared reality of other people, which perpetuates their own confusion and fear.    Is this a bizarre coincidence, clever design or something much more?

Key Point

There is a tipping point, where one person’s faulty (isolated, indirect, speculative) Perception dilutes and pollutes the future Thought->Action->Reflection cycle for others.  Eventually, all Reflection ceases, and we wind up with the Chaos of Action without a solid basis of Thought.

Reflection ensures Learning, and intentional evolution of Life.

  1. Leverage reflection-based perspectives about experiences shared directly with others
  2. Align on what’s best for US next
  3. ACT
  4. Reflect & Learn quickly
    • shrink the time horizon,
    • focus the hypothesis,
    • shrink the effort,
    • be able to attribute effort clearly with validated results
  5. Adapt expectations objectively (based on what’s good for US)
  6. repeat…

In my time as a Senior Leader and Organization Culture Change consultant, I have witnessed many failing organizations.   The basis of their failure is this misguided Action without intentionally Adapting Thought based on Shared Experience and meaningful Reflection.    The impact to Life is huge, often involving thousands of people being laid off.   All Fear was affirmed and expanded in these scenarios.   Life was unable to realize its goal in these scenarios – that a courageous few real Leaders might strive to reunite US and replace Fear with Love.

The more “authority” you have been granted over setting the direction of others and the on-going investment of their mission, the more potential YOU have for heightening the Pain Cycle.

My plea with all business owners and managers in positions of real authority, is to seriously reflect on this post, and then seek me out for a private conversation.   Minimally, please seriously review other posts on this site – OUR site.

I hope to see you at a future speaking event of mine, so that we might spark real discussion and genuine change for society, because you OWE it to Life.

Remembering Our Connection - Seminar

We must break free from over thinking Life in the confines of our individual mind, which is quite narrow and biased.    You cannot get Wet from the word “water”.    It’s time to Swim IN Life and thus Know, together.

David Harmony

SELF-Doubt Recovery Artist, Harmony Consulting