Introduction to DFC's purpose and its Founder's Mission


To Lead Effectively, we help you keep it Simple.  Please Consider ...
Leadership knows NO TITLE and cannot be appointed ... It can only be EARNED
People CHOOSE to follow those who INSPIRE them
We are inspired by SINCERE Connection with others
To connect, we must be totally PRESENT
To become Present, we must master our own Connection with Life
We must no longer live SEPARATE from and in Competition With people
We must seek Successful outcomes THROUGH people
Success is simply Supporting Life Fully to the extent of our own Ability
Our Responsibility is to Respond to our full Ability
Responsibility for Group Outcomes begins with INCLUSION
Success is maximized through full INCLUSION of people
When Connected and Present, we naturally desire Inclusion
We help you remember and retain your Connection
Reclaim your Attention, Reclaim your Connection
In Presence, there is NO need for "Leadership Frameworks"
The ability to Inspire never escapes you
No need for "Self-Help" books - You inherently KNOW how to focus and connect
If people voluntarily follow you, THEY may call you their leader
Leadership Simplified ... Simply Inspiring