... My life's mission has 3 connected aspects ...


  1. Empower everyone to focus their attention and connection with life
    • – to ensure that personal decisions are made consciously with corresponding intentional action
    • –  so they can admit what they don’t know and seek shared understanding with others through direct, real experience – to “get out of the mind’s imagination and denial”
  2. Inspire a unique group of courageous individuals to serve society well …
    • – so they might challenge the “status quo” that artificially divides us and forces us into wasteful competition [with our selves].
  3. Embed servant leadership [a.k.a. self-sustaining support] frameworks into organizations
    • – to ensure a compassionate, connected workforce that strives first to help society, rather than to just compete with similar organizations for higher profits, retained earnings, and “Shareholder [short-term] Value”.



Delighting customers is not only simple, clear and measurable: It is also the sure path to generating real long-term shareholder value. Shortcuts to prosperity by focusing on extracting value to shareholders or making money out of money are dangerous illusions. Prosperity comes from focusing on generating real goods and services for real human beings. – Steve Denning

Complex settings are messy and operate in a non-linear fashion. The actions and intentions of others, and their reactions to our actions and intentions, are key components that we have to take into account in what we plan and do. A focus on shareholder value leads directly to behaviors that tend to prevent the achievement of that goal. Institutionalized selfishness is not a sound basis on which to run a firm or an economy. – Steve Denning