The Goal

My Motivation...


I seek people who are expecting something more out of life, but perhaps are a bit stuck within the confines of their current situation.   They are often tired and frustrated.   They are ready to act.

I help these courageous individuals break free from a false sense of separation with society.  I have helped thousands of people in this fundamental way.

inspireencourage and support these courageous individuals to support Life in bold new ways.

In a “work” setting, I help these courageous people enable pervasive servant leadership across their organizations.   I help them find practical and consistent ways of seeking and including people during strategy formulation and on-going decision execution.

In a “personal” context, I help people repair relationships and return to living a blissful life, easily.

Here’s the funny realization most of us eventually stumble upon … there is NO separation between the “Work” vs “Personal” Life.   There is only “Life”.

My life-assist is to remind all of us of the well-designed, intertwining impact that we bring from “work” back to “home”, and from Home into Work each day.    Our seemingly mundane work-life interactions  and our so-called deeply personal-life moments with family and friends, EQUALLY affect who WE become [together].   What we are not getting from Life [not experiencing what we really desire and cannot express OR that which we experience but deny and suppress], becomes what we avoid and what sparks the dichotomy of choice-by-design living.

Ultimate Goal

I wish to see a shared reality where we trust one another by default and strive first to Give to and whole-heartedly Support Life.

The present reality for many is too often based on Fear and Separation, putting us in survival mode and artificial competition with one another.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you understand the state of world resources, growing population, and elevating expectations around standards of living.

We must find a harmonious balance between our personal desires and how we care for our “village”.   We evolve together.   We become cancerous when we lack reference to the whole.

Where we place our Attention refocuses our Connection and resulting awareness [of Life’s design].  The best choices come from direct personal experience with life, not handed-down Beliefs.   We connect through our personal experience, not the beliefs of others.   And without Connection, there can be no Compassion for Life.

Compassion is the Indiscriminate passion to support ALL aspects of Life.

Compassion is empowering and activates us into Life.   It is not the passive, sympathetic view of Life we often adopt, which perpetuates our inaction and loss of inspiration.

My goal is to help people fully Connect with life through direct experience, leading to shared decisions that fully support their “village”.    This is my base of inspiration – the ultimate “Pay it Forward” scheme to heal society of its fear-born cancer.

Cancer lacks reference to the Body and kills itself in the process of spreading.

We must regain our reference to society as a whole.   We must identify and own our role to support society.   To reclaim personal responsibility, we must know our role.  What is your role?  (I can help you determine that).

We live in the greatest era of mankind, where the Technology has the potential to Connect and unite us like never before.   However, through this same conduit, our prevailing mindset, if cancerous, can accelerate and enhance our pain – (our assumption of separation without support from Life).

Perhaps I’m “rare in my degree of awareness“, but I’ve known my own role since age 6.   I refer to my role as “Pattern <A/V>” (David).   If interested, please read about this role (held by many unknowingly and seemingly dormant) here.

Since age 6, I have intensely studied and aided Life in the ways mentioned above.   That likely sounds odd or boastful, but I state that for critical reasons which I’ll expand upon when we form a relationship.
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