I AM … everything i am, because you loved ‘me’

I AM … everything i am, because you loved ‘me’

George Duke was an amazing pattern within our universal spirit. When he played, he united us, gave us chills, and let us tear up with happy realizations of how our lives and love can be captured so tenderly in music. Please notice the crowd’s reactions throughout this performance.
To listen to this song is to “hear with every nerve [touch] in your body”…  To Touch with our Ears
Dear George died soon after this performance. Our Body knows when the end is near, it quiets the mind, which allows everything to flow. He knew at the end, that this might be the last team he Played in Life.
Rest in peace. You are loved and your energy carries on.
If you are feeling low or alone, try sensory substitution.  Listen to music that touches your heart, but this time, listen with every cell in your Body.   Silence the Mind, listen with the heart, and be prepared for a big surprise.
Contact me to learn about other wonderful surprises lurking within our 5 senses.

2 ears 1 mouth

Each day, do you find your self focused more so on being Interesting to others, OR being Interested in others?   The old adage is wise… “2 Ears, 1 Mouth”.   This is the first step in acquiring Present moment awareness.

David Harmony

SELF-doubt Recovery Artist, Harmony Consulting