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I’m leading a culture transformation and need to mitigate the Risk I’m leading a culture transformation and need to mitigate the Risk
I'm leading a culture transformation and need to mitigate the Risk
I am a senior executive who drove the justification to begin a Culture Transformation.  I expect misunderstanding and resistance to change within my management hierarchy. How do I prepare my organization for change? Help me surface objections and resolve them. Help me reduce the change timeline, reduce risk and maximize benefits of Adaptive planning and execution. Prescribe the way forward and help me communicate effectively to scale the ownership for the culture change. Review a Solution Here ...
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Decision Framework Consulting (DFC) specializes in assisting Executives to prepare their Organization for substantial Culture Change.

David has over 20 years of intense experience formally leading within both large and startup organizations.    He understands the challenges that Executives face.   He concisely articulates recommendations and roadmaps for change and actively assists leadership teams through radical shifts in Team behaviors, reinforcing new cultural norms.

David held senior leadership responsibilities for financial controllership in a lean manufacturing environment which led to a company turnaround to avoid closure.    He also led the Product Development function for both a large insurance provider and a global tax assessment and collection solution provider.   DFC matured their leadership frameworks through real internal experience and has successfully leveraged them the last 7 years in a consulting context.

David brings this experience as a seasoned consultant, helping Organizations expedite their cultural transformations while mitigating substantial risk.

With David’s trusted advisory, we were able to excel Paycor’s Agile journey. David diligently focused on teaching our teams the underlying values and coaching them on behaviors based on principles to ensure self-sustainability. David remained flexible, offering both sense of urgency and patience. He knew when to push for change and when to allow learning to unfold naturally. His professional experience and personal qualities earned him significant amount of trust and respect from our teams. I would work with him again and recommend him to any organization seeking a servant leadership culture to remain competitive in modern software development.Zhen Tao
CTO at Paycor

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