Team Effectiveness

Perception and Conflict issues are common challenges where DFC assists.   Ultimately perception is reality for an individual, so the core challenge is to improve the health of Teams by helping individuals find and maintain a Shared Reality.   This new found shared reality should be well aligned to the Organization’s reason for existing.

Setting a clear strategy to fulfill the organization’s purpose is a key area that DFC can bring immense ROI for clients.   To fully realize the benefits of a clear Strategy is to Connect it to the Teams within the organization.   Including Teams in the Strategy formulation brings Inspiration and Accountability.   The fundamental building block to all of this is the Vulnerability of the Senior leadership Team.   To become available (vulnerable) to the Teams we intend to serve, we must be Present and Accepting of the current situation.

DFC’s core competency is helping Teams of Teams become Vulnerable in order to establish Trust, which leads to timely and effective debate and commitment, which ultimately results in voluntary, wide spread Shared Accountability over desired outcomes.

Achieving the building blocks of Vulnerability->Trust->Debate->Commitment->Accountability yields a dynamic environment largely void of unhealthy conflict and wasteful hyper-activity due to misaligned perception in pursuit of desired outcomes (between individuals and teams).

With a revitalized Team of Teams situation, DFC can help Leaders transform their culture to leverage Planning and Execution frameworks that include all talent of their organization in a way that is Pragmatic and Inspiring.   Strategy dissemination requires an organic system that must be owned by the entire organization, because the entire organization is required to consistently and clearly Serve that part of Society targeted by the organization’s purpose for existing.


David is a natural leader and an inspiring mentor. He was brought on board to tackle very complex operational issues, a result of several company acquisitions over time without successful attempts to create a unifying structure. David quickly engaged all functional areas, most of which are geographically diverse, and established a sense of unity and shared ownership. He was diligent in his discovery phase and offered us clear governance through reorganization of reporting structure and delivery practice, including actionable metrics. He gave utmost importance to role clarity, visibility and accountability. We quickly realized far better collaboration and aligned execution across the lines of business and Program teams. He pioneered the implementation of many new processes and tools, including everyone in the change process. People were allowed to debate and adapt practices and solutions, to ensure buy-in and ownership for outcomes. David creates space to think and time to build personal relationships. Fuat Aki, Director Software Development

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