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Insight on our Unique Approach

Our Experience

DFC has advised and coached successful Agile adoption at all levels of the organization (Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, Solution Team, Release and OCM functions).  We have deep, direct  experience with all levels of the Agile coaching structure, which  creates a Bridge of Understanding between Senior leadership teams and actively transforming Portfolios.

We have helped many organizations successfully reorganize and optimize their Lean Leadership teams, Value Streams and associated Programs.  We help leaders understand the implications of moving from current to future state org structure and solution delivery practices.  Mitigating risk and maximizing the benefits of Agile planning & delivery is the key.


Establish Long-term Capability

Successful Lean-Agile Transformations involve establishing an internal, self-sustaining Capability to maintain a true Learning organization that strives to adapt to changing customer needs.   Unfortunately, Agile Transformations are often viewed as once-and-done “projects” involving change controls and final readouts.   This is a serious mistake which shorts an organization of the majority of the benefits of Adaptive Leadership frameworks, while also subjecting the organization to unnecessary, substantial Risk.  



Lead and Model the Way

There is a predictable pathway to success with pragmatic options to preempt the Issues that block the establishment of Adaptive Leadership.  This begins with a very different mindset from senior leadership and requires the support of a highly experienced Consultant/Coach with many years of experience as a senior leader.  

Agile after all, is about Mindset – the Values, Principles and Practices are a means to realizing a wide-scale Ownership Mindset that shows respect for and leverages all of the talent in the organization.  David has bundled up this experience and delivers it in the form of context-appropriate Journey Maps, involving highly coordinated strategic shifts and tactical actions across the Executive, Middle Management, and Team layers, across well-defined Milestones that can be objectively measured for true progress and overall success.

A crucial step in transforming an organization to embrace the Lean Mindset is to clarify how to lead in a Lean culture while maintaining the confidence across all layers of management – a commonly missed gap in consulting and coaching.   Far too often, consulting firms do not focus on managers and senior leaders as part of the Transformation.   They are a crucial part of the equation, setting the Vision, Communicating, Supporting, and resolving the Impediments to change throughout the journey.  Decision Framework Consulting has a unique way of offering well-timed and role-specific guidance for Assessments, Training, and Transformation Coaching, through our online University, with a unique know-how and support of Senior Leadership and Management.

Our unique approach results in meaningful, proactive support from Senior leaders, truly enabling Servant Leadership.

David brought just the right combination of experience, technique, and passion, at just the right time, to help us to launch an Lean delivery environment for a complex financial services marketing team. With his transformation plan, embedded coaching, and honest feedback, we successfully launched a cross-functional Adaptive-Leadership system in just 3 months with Quarterly Planning events that enabled a leadership platform, set the stage for improved associate morale, significantly improved Team inclusion in quarterly planning, and granted Sr Leadership a genuine perspective on what the Program teams were capable of delivering for our customers, partners, and organizational leadership. People are more meaningfully involved in shaping Strategy, driving continuous improvement, and deriving commitment dates offered to Customers. Wonderful!!Lee Cookman
Sr Leader, Marketing Operations (Capital One)
With David’s trusted advisory, we were able to excel Paycor’s Agile journey. David diligently focused on teaching our teams the underlying values and coaching them on behaviors based on principles to ensure self-sustainability. David remained flexible, offering both sense of urgency and patience. He knew when to push for change and when to allow learning to unfold naturally. His professional experience and personal qualities earned him significant amount of trust and respect from our teams. I would work with him again and recommend him to any organization seeking a servant leadership culture to remain competitive in modern software development.Zhen Tao
CTO at Paycor
David served as our first Agile Coach from the start of our Agile transformation. His deep knowledge of Agile, Lean, Scaled Agile , and the human elements of high performing teams and organizational behavior enabled him to be an effective coach and trusted partner for me as sponsor, for the leadership group, and for our teams. David embodied Servant Leadership as he led us through team formation, initial backlog creation, release planning, value stream analysis, SAFe adoption, etc. David is an insightful coach and I would work with him again.Scott Richardson
Chief Data Officer - Fannie Mae

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