Unchecked Fear Blocks Inspiration, Connection and Compassion

...but, Fear has a wonderful, hidden purpose

Unfortunately, [although we won’t admit it] many of us are severely uninspired.  We would like to help and serve others, but we do not feel invitedcapable, or energetic enough to do so.

Additionally, we are so concerned about “our self” that often our own focus is based solely on just surviving (personally, or taking care of just those we love).   True inspiration is far bigger than our self.

Fear drives us to attempt to control life scenarios and outcomes.   It is logical to reduce negative impacts and maximize positive impacts, for our own sake.    However, our perception of the risks and benefit of our [in]action is often misleading.  If we are too aggressive in mitigating the “risk”, then the outcomes are sub optimized and our fears are affirmed, oddly enough through our very own [in]action – the same energy used to mitigate the risk.

Did I Do That [Alone]?

Dare to consider every day, how reliant you are on Everyone.

Consider for a moment, the amount of energy, talent and support that went into manufacturing, marketing and distributing the supplies and clothing that allow you to get ready for work each day.

Personal Reality Check…

  • Did YOU do that alone?
  • How many thousands of individuals supported you in your otherwise mundane daily endeavor?
  • Do you feel a new sense of accountability to them for helping you get ready each day?
  • Do you feel a new sense of accountability to the people who your own products and services support each day?

I truly hope so.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss this example as trivial or irrelevant.   Is a Politician’s daily effort more crucial than a Toothpaste manufacturer?   How would he/she make an appearance on TV [yet again], without that tailored suit?

Don’t judge what we do and the value of that to us personally – our Perception is rather biased and disconnected from shared reality.   Please, do challenge yourself about how conscious [appreciative] we are about our reliance on each other, for ALL activities in Life.

My goal is to work with you and your organization to remember and renew such shared accountability.


So how do we realize accountability, TO others and FROM others?

Please share your own perspective below.

How to Encourage Accountability?

Sharing ownership in desired outcomes

To realize accountability requires shared ownership in the desired outcomes.   Please consider this logic sequence …

  • Responsibility for outcomes is a choice.
  • Choices that we make consciously, we own the outcomes fully.
  • Direction that was set for us, involved no choice.   [We actually promote unconscious behavior]
  • Direction that is set for us is most often resisted.  [Whether age 4 or 40, we do not like this]
  • If those [set-for-us] outcomes endanger us personally, we will usually reject our own role in aiding in the group’s recovery.

Cost consideration… an economic Trade-off or a Value Enabler?

Too often my clients focus first on Efficiency of operations.  If we speed up an ineffective operation, we ensure that we create more problems at a faster rate, for both Employees and Customers.

“Keep the cost-cart behind the value-horse please?”

To become more efficient in life, we must first strive to become more Effective.


The Lean Mindset – Use it to Grow Responsibly

Too often I see clients leveraging Lean practices primarily for cost reduction, long-term.

In the early days of Lean adoption, we do see quite a bit of opportunity to reduce costs.  The risk is staying in the cost reduction mode long-term.

The real beauty of Lean is the leadership platform that it enables.   Objective decisions based on solid understanding of economic trade-offs are the key to growing the organization responsibly.

Let’s not forget to leverage Lean Strategically?

Presence & Acceptance yields Happiness

A Mantra to Rekindle Presence

The Body naturally lives in the Present moment, but reflects Past choices.

The Mind is too often distracted by the Past or the Future, imposing great damage on the Body.

Thought is the ancestor of all action, or inaction (analysis paralysis).  Our Body too often takes a back seat to our Mind, and pays a deadly price.

Our Happiness Metric

The Body is THE best metric* available to evaluate the quality of our shared existence.   The imprints of shared experiences are felt within the Body and displayed upon it.

  • Is a constant smile or frown reflecting how the Body truly feels, or is the Mind working overtime?  
    • We should present our true self to others, to reduce misunderstandings.
  • Is a nagging pain [physical or mental] seeking your attention and resolution?  
    • Too often we avoid “maintenance” and “rush to the Emergency Room” when we experience a total failure.
  • Are we experiencing social clashes or harmonious cooperation at macro levels?
    • What we do not own personally, transcends us and becomes OUR collective issue.

Are we paying attention to the feedback from the Body?

Conscious living in the Present moment, will return us to a balance of Attention, Connection, and Compassion, for our self and for every Thing we experience that is outside of ourself.

Artificial Problems – Just Disconnection

We all wish to be totally Happy.   Why does happiness evade us?

The solution to most problems resides in silencing the Mind and Feeling# your way through the situation, IN the physical company of others (not alone in our Mind).   Please do not confuse isolated Intuition with Shared Physical Experience.

Too often, we fail to observe, adapt and express what we truly feel, or to appropriately respond to what someone else is feeling (and actively “wearing it on their sleeve”).   Our shared curiosity for how the other is feeling (and thinking) leads to shared affirmation and ultimately a Shared Reality.  

We can only influence and be influenced through Shared Reality.  

Assuming our understanding of Life and our impact on it, is the origin of the “problem”.

Too often, our Mind causes us to blindly react to situations that we’ve misinterpreted.   Over a lifetime our perception becomes a personal reality – and extremely flawed, which expedites our own feeling of separation from others.   Have you ever uttered? …

… My thoughts and my approach to life are correct … people just don’t understand ME.  

Correct, but from both perspectives – neither you nor the other person are curious enough to share the reality between you.  

The Mind, operating alone and in isolation (from others), creates a self-fulfilling prophecy which validates our Fear – that we are alone in a hyper aggressive world that doesn’t support us.   Worse yet, we pass on this flawed personal belief system – that we are separate from others – passing it on on to our loved ones, our social groups, and our communities.   We become the host cell for Cancer.

Key Point

We need to remember that the Mind is IN the Body, and to put things back in proper order.   Mind must serve the Body.   There is too much talk about Mind->Body connection, suggesting that we lead reality with the Mind and the Body is just an instrument to express what the Mind desires.   Quite backwards and unfortunate!   We have “put the cart before the horse”.

To Take Action or Not?

If what I suggest above feels wrong to you, I hope we eventually cross paths in our lifetime, and politely wish you well.   If you’re feeling skeptical and want more info, please track my messages and  speaking events.  But please participate, to challenge your Belief System.

If the perspective above [or throughout this site] resonates with you and you’re curious enough of how I can help, give me a call.

Together, let’s explore ways to improve THE daily experience of Life?

I have spent my entire life helping others enjoy a wonderful Life, getting out of their own Way OF Happiness.   I assist in humble, discrete ways, customized to the need of the individual.  

Schedule a Complimentary Conversation


I am deeply honored, to help you, maximize your Presence in Life.  – David

*I’m not referring to how tone the Body is, but more so, how at Peace it is, and how ready and able it is to Respond to how we wish to act in the next Present moment

#The Body’s 5 senses shape our perception over a lifetime.   Without affirmation from others, misperception creates our separation from others.

New Gym Membership … Where to Begin?

The Challenge 

I am bored, working out alone.  I decided to join a gym.  Congrats!

Joining a gym can be exciting.   So many options – hard to imagine getting bored there.   So many people – easy to stay motivated!

I’m feeling anxiety about getting started though.

  • Complicated equipment.
  • Some people hog the equipment you need
  • Some people may want to socialize excessively.
  • Too many obstacles and distractions?

David’s Qualifications – Personal Health Training

David is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).   He is licensed by the most prominent organization governing credentials of Fitness Trainers in the United States, the National Academy of Sports Medicine  (NASM).  He holds licenses under the following specialities:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer  (CPT)  License #1501214810
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist  (CES):   License #1523049

Count with the Body (turn off the Mind, it is a wimp and a quitter)

When exercising, turn off the Mind and ‘think with the Body’.  Avoid prematurely exhausting the body by intentionally losing track of the effort.  Follow this guidance to laser focus on form instead.   Avoid artificial goals and see what your body is truly capable of.

When you train anaerobically you must reach a point of failure on your last few reps.   If you don’t, then you are robbing yourself of improvement.   (read my post on the SAID principle and tell them David-SAID so)