We have Goals and Plans to achieve them for only one reason—to be appropriate in the moments of our lives that matter most [to US].   Let’s set our intentions to be Present with each other.

(Grand Rapids, MI USA: David - Decision Framework Consultingd - Decision Framework Consulting, 2017)

To remain inspired, people need courageous decision making AND timely effective execution.

(Grand Rapids, MI USA: David (Decision Framework Consulting), 2013)

“We don’t quit our company, we quit our Boss”  -> No longer true in a Service-oriented economy that lives true Servant Leadership.

In a Service economy with great Servant leadership, we don’t quit our Boss anymore – we quit our team members or the corporate strategy and mission [because they do not inspire us]”.

(Grand Rapids, MI USA: David (Decision Framework Consulting), 2014)

What we focus on creates our reality.    Help society focus on what works WELL and what WILL be[come].    Don’t help people expand their existing Problem set.

(Grand Rapids MI, USA: David (Decision Framework Consulting), 2015)

Focus on Inclusion and you will realize the best possible outcome.

David Fernandez - Decision Framework Consulting (Grand Rapids, MI: David Fernandez - Decision Framework Consulting, 2015)

Settle your Technical Debt iteratively, to avoid Bankrupting (having to sunset or replace) your Solutions

(Grand Rapids, MI USA: David: Decision Framework Consulting)