The Most Effective Organizations Naturally Include People in Shared Decision Making

How do we shift the Mindset towards "Natural" Inclusion?

Might sound obvious, so why don’t we include people in decision making?

What I have experienced most often is that, due to imagined risk we are unable to be vulnerable to others.   We imagine the physical and emotional costs of being judged or rejected by colleagues, social groups, friends and family.   This leaves us guarded and compels us to hide who we really are.

The group culture that we care about and associate with, OR the one we find our self within daily [unwillingly], shapes our degree of openness with others.  We are most often unaware of just how much group norms and values influence our own thoughts and behavior.

When the group culture financially supports our personal safety, things can go terribly wrong, especially when our dominant focus in life is skewed towards personal safety.   When group culture incentivizes extreme risk avoidance and has no way to objectively determine the true risk avoided nor to offer credit for those who helped to mitigate it, we wind up with fear-based relationships that shut down personal honesty and sincerity of group interaction.