A Roman Vote without Ceaser and Senate present is not worth much

In SAFe, the Roman vote technique is meant to build TWO way accountability between a Team and its Stakeholder(s).   Without Caesar present, the Team opinion is not witnessed nor acknowledged.   The Respect for People Mindset Pillar of Lean is in clear violation.

In the era of Caesar, a no-show for the vote was as good as a “yes for death” – the de facto policy for The Games was to give the crowd what they wanted … entertainment by death (to feel more fortunate than another condemned soul).  

Not to be overly dramatic, but as Team members striving for a better tomorrow, you must lobby for your Leaders to “show up” for your Planning Events, otherwise you’re signing up for the “entertainment of your past [status quo]”.

Across the world, Change Agents are trying to establish pragmatic platforms which genuinely enable Leadership.

We don’t miss what we’ve never had in life.

Change begins with the Teams closest to the Customers.   Will you unite towards a better tomorrow?

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