Jacob and James – Life’s Expression

Society is not Entitled, it is Disempowered thru Disconnection

I often overhear conversations in public settings about “what’s wrong with the world”.    When we imagine there to be a problem, we actually create it.   We must remember that.

On a wonderful Saturday morning, while I was “busy” editing my Video blog post for the week, there was a wonderful sight outside my office window, which has a view of the front porch.

Two smiling gentlemen approached, unaffected by the dog gate they spanned, and knocked confidently on our door.

Because I was totally Present in and seeking Connection with Life, I saw the insignificance of my “video editing effort”, and abandoned it immediately.  I beat them to the doorbell, sensing this was going to be special.

What is a common desire that evades all of us?

Body->mind connection is the answer

Happiness. (A Peaceful Mind and Body)

To be Happy, we must be able to Accept life as it is (right NOW). To truly Accept life, we must BE and Remain, absolutely Present in EACH inevitable moment.

The Body is the best Metric known to mankind. The Body is trying to remind us through our 5 senses, how Present and Aware we are [not]. The Body uses Pain and Pleasure to reclaim our Conscious Attention.

Subtle cues are missed over time, and become [obvious] surprises.

Unchecked Fear Blocks Inspiration, Connection and Compassion

...but, Fear has a wonderful, hidden purpose

Unfortunately, [although we won’t admit it] many of us are severely uninspired.  We would like to help and serve others, but we do not feel invitedcapable, or energetic enough to do so.

Additionally, we are so concerned about “our self” that often our own focus is based solely on just surviving (personally, or taking care of just those we love).   True inspiration is far bigger than our self.

Fear drives us to attempt to control life scenarios and outcomes.   It is logical to reduce negative impacts and maximize positive impacts, for our own sake.    However, our perception of the risks and benefit of our [in]action is often misleading.  If we are too aggressive in mitigating the “risk”, then the outcomes are sub optimized and our fears are affirmed, oddly enough through our very own [in]action – the same energy used to mitigate the risk.

The little things mean everything

You are tired from a busy 1st workday on the road.   You check into your familiar weekly-stay hotel.   You enter your room to find it wasn’t cleaned yet.   A polite call to the front desk yields a quick and genuine display of compassion.

As you continue your business calls in-room, the key to a clean room is slid under your door.

You enter your 2nd room to find a clean dish set, bottles of ‘cold’ water and chocolates, the later not a typical part of your experience and the former something you typically must retrieve from the front desk.

One person’s humble acts of compassion shape and inspire your day.