Why Decision Frameworks are essential to an organization’s success…

... and why I named my personal endeavor "Decision Framework Consulting"

In my direct experience as an employee and a consumer, as a senior leader with responsibility as both a customer and a vendor, and since 2012 as a consultant / advisor helping entire Value-Chains to serve society better, I have detected 3 key things:

How to Encourage Accountability?

Sharing ownership in desired outcomes

To realize accountability requires shared ownership in the desired outcomes.   Please consider this logic sequence …

  • Responsibility for outcomes is a choice.
  • Choices that we make consciously, we own the outcomes fully.
  • Direction that was set for us, involved no choice.   [We actually promote unconscious behavior]
  • Direction that is set for us is most often resisted.  [Whether age 4 or 40, we do not like this]
  • If those [set-for-us] outcomes endanger us personally, we will usually reject our own role in aiding in the group’s recovery.

Lean Mindset – use it to Grow responsibly

Lean Practices offer us more than just Cost Reduction

Too often I see clients leveraging Lean practices primarily for cost reduction, long-term.

In the early days of Lean adoption, we do see quite a bit of opportunity to reduce costs.  The risk is staying in the cost reduction mode long-term.

The real beauty of Lean is the leadership platform that it enables.   Objective decisions based on solid understanding of economic trade-offs are the key to growing the organization responsibly.