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Progressive Options to Invest Time with him

The goal is to create real value for you, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Please direct your attention to David’s Service Offering pages, to gain a quick understanding of the types of challenges he helps with and his unique approach to meeting customer needs in each scenario.

Below you will see options (the modes of access) to interact with David.   The investment increases as you span the list of options.   With your investment of Time and Accountability you will realize the greatest benefit.   The Value realized easily justifies any Fee he might request.   [Please review How DFC Structures Agreements for Maximum ROI]

  1. Search David’s site.  He has written many Blog posts, Tips and Tricks.  He is also beginning to convert his content into Video format and Audio overlay presentations, so you can quickly get a better feel for what it’s like to work with him, as well as rich replay for broader consumption of your Team(s).
    • Chances are, David has content that will help you through tough leadership challenges.
    • Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page to begin your own discovery with him.
  2. Subscribe to David’s updates. He currently publish three new blog posts a week.  Additionally, his Podcast will begin in March 2017.   The goal is to simplify your approach to leadership, challenging you to know yourself well first, so you open up to the people you seek to inspire and serve better.
    • David will speak through the examples he has observed while “on the road with clients”, avoiding academic theory and framework memorization.   You will find this site refreshing, enlightening and inspiring.
    • Your initial reaction to this content will make you say “duh, I already knew that”.  What David wants to share comes from an inherently wise space shared by all of us, but of which, many of us have closed off [unknowingly].   He speaks about this [extensively] in his MasterMind, Seminars and Meetups.
    • Your work with David will ensure that you remember to trust your own instincts and grow to feel completely capable and invited into your professional relationships.
    • This site’s purpose is to encourage and support you long-term, through plateaus and next level challenges.
    • You will see an Opt-in on this page…
  3. Join David for in-person exploratory group discussion.  Find available times for in-person discussions here.  He primarily services West Michigan, however David occasionally offers options in cities of his extended stay, typically East and Central regions.  See David’s schedule for options closer to your home town.  


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  4. Buy a subscription to David’s Premium Content.
    • You will receive on-going highly tailored email notices to draw you into the most relevant content he offers, in a logically sequenced manner that progresses you (your teams) through the specific challenges you are facing at each moment in time.
    • These are essentially Roadmaps with clear Milestones and Metrics that help you move your organization through change, without having to invest in consultants upfront.
    • This is a good option to preview David’s Products and Services (#5), but most of his clients will eventually progress through steps #7-#11 to maximize value, mitigate risk and shrink their timeline.
  5. Buy one of David’s Leadership (Support Framework) Products. You can find them all in his store.
    • They cover various topics, including Gaining Presence, Reclaiming Time, Starting and Finish each day strong and at peace, Influencing, Increasing Productivity and Loyalty, Resolving and Preventing future Conflict, among many other areas.
    • He has several other products in development, including online diagnostic tools to help you improve the health of your organization across many dimensions (like Product Development Flow, Innovation, Customer and Employee Engagement, Strategy Dissemantion, …).
    • All solutions are proven to work, based on direct, shared experience, as David so often speaks about.
  6. Book David as a speaker.
    • He has spoken privately on extensive topics for over 15 years, regarding Economic Decision Making, Lean Leadership and Agile Transformations for small to large enterprises.
    • David has been told on many occasions that he speaks with a unique passion that brings high energy paired with simplicity, for otherwise confusing and unnecessarily complex topics.
    • Since late 2015 he has begun to broaden public awareness on revolutionary approaches to Leading organizations and moving quickly yet carefully through the painful transitions.
  7. Attend David’s public Seminars and formal Training offerings.   See his offering and schedule here.
  8. Schedule David to conduct an Situational Assessment. 
    • These are typically 2 days to 2 weeks in duration, depending on the orientation (1 leadership team vs entire Business Unit review).   Here’s a glimpse at his approach …
    • He often conducts an on-line survey, leading to interviews and observations of Teams in live action.
    • He typically reviews your org structure, the history of mergers and acquisitions, and your desired work culture end state, offering crucial guidance to evolve structure in support of maximizing leverage of org talent and increase flow through your entire Value Chain (often David will adjust your Value Streams, which he offers dedicated work shops for this goal).
    • Finally, he will review your work backlog systems (Long-Range Plans, Annual Operating Planning process, Product Strategy, Roadmaps, Business Cases, and work queues).
    • David will review your delivery and continuous improvement Metrics, offering you ultimately better ways to see your work queues, with great insights around how to make better economic trade-off decisions around Utilization verse Flow.  He will identify missing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tactical metrics which will increase decentralized ownership for Customer outcomes.   [*David offers valuable diagnostic tools that can greatly expedite your organization’s Transformation.]
    • This is most often why David is hired -> To create self-sustaining practical frameworks that allow a company to see its Team capacity, and the corresponding in-progress Value they are producing for Clients, with modern guidance on how to throttle the Throughput in proactive ways which includes those Teams in critical decision making.
    • Businesses thrive when they make commitments to Customers by matching [their organization’s ability to] Supply with Demand.    Delivery deadlines must be derived through your Teams’ inclusion in planning and adapted through iterative and incremental discovery of the Customer’s true need.   (Customers often request support based on a a dated knowledge of past solutions.)
    • Modern delivery systems reap the benefits of expediting Value delivery to customers at a pace unmatched by other suppliers.    We must clearly understand Demand (Customer needs, dismementate it through our Portfolios without fidelity loss) and (Team Capacity)
  9. Schedule Tailored Training for your Organization.
    • The frameworks David has personally developed or been certified by others to teach and implement, are based on patterns proven to work.
    • However, these frameworks are fundamentally about a shift of Mindset.   David will tailor the approach you must take to realize the full benefit and the least amount of time.
    • Let’s begin with a situational assessment (#8).
    • He is often asked to laser focus the implementation approach around Leadership Development, Team Building, Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution / Coordination.
  10. Secure more time after Option 8, to prescribe an Organizational Transformation Roadmap.
  11. Hire David as a personal coach. You will experience his Presence directly and realize how to reclaim your own.   This is the quickest path for personal growth.  He has limited time available for 1 on 1 coaching.  Therefore, he is very selective.  David charge’s a respectable fee to ensure that he has clients who are serious about maximizing their impact in life.  [Please visit this page to review the common topics he assist clients with]
  12. Secure David’s time for Embedded Coaching of your Leadership Team or an entire Portfolio Value Stream. He has predominantly worked in this mode in the last 5 years.   However, he is now refocusing his time towards the other modes of access listed here.  David can typically reserve 2 or 3 days per week for this mode of access.   The service fee is material, as this is the most time intensive mode of access, but, the impact and value realized is also maximized.
  13. Hire David as a Professional Advisor.  He welcomes an opportunity to join your organization’s Board of Directors, or to offer special consultation with your Board or Senior leadership team.


If you have something else in mind, other than what he has outlined, feel free to submit a suggestion through his contact page.

If you are serious, David also welcome an orientation call.

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I am extremely touched and honored by your eventual choice to invest some of your Life with me. – David